How training builds better business - part 5

Online training builds better retail businesses

Here is the final part of our 5 part series on 'How Training Builds Better Business'.

Part 4 covered 'Fluid Resilience'.

Attractive Attraction

Have you ever noticed that when a toddler sees another child playing with a toy that they’d previously expressed no interest in, suddenly that becomes the greatest object of desire?

Well, it’s with brutal honesty that I break to you… that doesn’t really change as we grow older. When we see others doing well we can experience feelings of gentle aspiration to replicate such success (yes, I really mean envy), which is perfectly normal and likely to be a part of our social and evolutionary wiring.

But this motivation is really a positive one because it can motivate us to stay on our game and seek out more lucrative opportunities to… well… survive!

But what if businesses tapped into this to make their own business more attractive? When people love where they work and are committed to staying, such attraction makes any workplace more appealing to others. By training individuals and paying them for their training time this shows that you value them and leads to greater retention and less churn, while also attracting better talent when opportunities present themselves.

And with greater talent in any business comes better competitive advantage, as well as a better figure on the bottom line.

The aim for this post was to get content creators and instructional designers thinking about training in a broader view than just a binary approach of ‘do they know what we need them to know?’; but, do you have more to add?Is there a greater benefit that you feel has been missed here?

Thanks for reading. Get in touch to spark a conversation, debate, or even share a story that you think may inspire others to approach learning and content design from a more holistic perspective.

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