RedSeed: A selling system that delivers ROI

RedSeed retail sales training delivers a return on your investment

At RedSeed our focus is on creating learning that changes behaviour.

So everything we do, we do to that end. Creating a system that increases skill and is actually implemented in your environment is challenging and there’s no silver bullet. The key is to make every part of the system better and work as a cohesive whole to get change.

Since it’s inception, RedSeed has always been focused on results. It’s one thing developing great content, but if there is no change in outcomes, then it’s a wasted investment.

We believe that the system you use must give you a change in behaviour. It must give you a return on your investment that you can measure against your KPIs, and aligns with your company strategy. Research by Wilson Learning shows, “only about 15– 20% of learning investments result in work performance change”. That means there are a lot of systems that promise a lot and don’t deliver.

“What we have developed is the whole package. We partner with our customers to bring them the very best tools and content, and support them to deliver training that allows them to achieve their strategic goals”, says Anya Anderson, Founder and CEO of RedSeed.

So what makes RedSeed different?

There are three things that we’re particularly proud of and make us the first choice for our customers.

1. Our coaching model

One-on-one practice and feedback provided to each trainee can be a game-changer. Research shows that manager coaching can improve learning transfer by 41%, giving you results that are far superior to other systems.

The RedSeed system facilitates and tracks the practice, feedback and verification of the skills that you want your trainees to be using. In essence, you have full visibility of where your team is at and how you can make the training more effective.

2. Our relationships with our customers

We’re here for our customers. Experts at scripting, filming and producing world-class video content, we work closely with your team to understand what you’re trying to achieve and hit all the key learning points.

Everyone in the RedSeed team from our developers, video production and account managers to our sales team love what we do and want you to have the best experience possible.

The breadth and depth of what we’ve done for our customers, and our new ‘Roadmap for Success’ implementation and face-to-face facilitated sessions can attest the support that we can give your team.

3. The quality of our solution

We use video as our media of choice and we do all the work ourselves to make sure our customers get a quality product. We know how much of a difference it does make to engagement and learning.

With a fully flexible and customised training program, your team will be able to learn from anywhere, anytime and from any device (phone, tablet or computer).

Using best practice learning theory, without the gimmicks, our goal is always simplicity and a fantastic learning experience. And for our administrators; an easy to use LMS that is intuitive and transparent, which allows you to track return on investment.

Using RedSeed, return on investment is most often reflected by an increase in revenue. Other results include an increase in conversion, mystery shopper improved results, a significantly reduced time to competency and even a reduction in sick days.

Using RedSeed you get the results you need from the people you lead.

RedSeed is a complete learning solution, including LMS, learning design and video content production, off-the-shelf content and face-to-face facilitation. Click here to get in touch or book a demo!

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