RedSeed developer update: A simple route to training success

RedSeed LMS learning pathways dashboard interface

We’re happy to announce the pending launch of Learning Pathways - an exciting new feature for our RedSeed LMS.

A ‘Learning Pathway’ lets coaches define a route through several RedSeed and bespoke courses and keep track of a trainee’s progress through this pathway. ‘Learning Pathways’ will replace “Course Chaining” in RedSeed, giving us more flexibility and greater scope for improvements in the future.

‘Learning Pathways’ are designed to be flexible. At its most simple, a trainee will progress to a predefined point in a course and automatically be enrolled in the following course.

But we’ve also catered for more complicated situations. A single step in a Learning Pathway could contain one course - or many. Thanks to the structure of Learning Pathways, this is simple and intuitive.

Trainees and coaches that were previously enrolled in “chained” courses were automatically enrolled in the appropriate ‘Learning Pathway’, so for most users this change will be completely seamless.

New or existing trainees can be enrolled or unenrolled from a Learning Pathway just like a course on the “Manage Enrolments” screen. And, just like courses, a Learning Pathway can also be defined as a default enrolment for a store or region.

This is a great way to manage programmes such as retail sales, which have many small courses. Using a learning pathway allows you to set a course order and avoid overwhelming learners with too many courses at once.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to redesign and simplify the “Manage Enrolment” screen, making it easier and quicker for coaches to enroll and unenroll trainees from courses and pathways.

We hope you enjoy the power and flexibility of Learning Pathways! If you need to create a new Learning Pathway, or have any suggestions for more features or ideas that would make your coaching and training simpler and more effective, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Or check out our previous development update on wallpapers, security and URLs.

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