Why Features, Advantages, and Benefits are important to sales

Retail shoppers in hardware store
Now, it’s one thing to be able to listen to your customer and find out their needs. But to be able to sell effectively, top sellers need to be able to convince your customers that your solution is right for them.

By turning features into benefits, top salespeople don’t convey information, their goal is to solve a problem. Commonly, retail rainmakers will take a ‘Consultative Selling’ approach, giving advice to buyers, rather than selling a product.

Within RedSeed’s sales training programme, we outline the important relationship between features, advantages, & benefits. Your rainmakers understand all three and are able to link them together seamlessly to present a compelling solution. Check out our training video below to see how to masterfully present FAB’s.

It’s not a new approach. In-fact This approach is been adopted by one of the most profitable companies today, Apple. “Sell more by NOT selling!” has been Apple’s sales philosophy for years.

What do they mean by that? It’s all about solving customer’s problems, educating them, and getting them so passionate about Apple gadgets that they simply have to have one.

It seems like a new approach and one that is working for them according to the stats. More people visit Apple’s 326 stores in 3 months than visit Disney’s 4 theme parks in a year! That’s about 60 million customers! Apple’s annual retail sales per square foot are $4,406, higher than any other retailer on the planet.

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