Why retailers need to get back to basics

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Sales training will increase sales

"Sales training will increase sales." It seems like such a simple statement yet, such a hard concept to grasp.

There is no easy answer when it comes to combatting the challenges that our current economy presents. However, proactive retailers continue to search for innovative ways to increase sales and ensure stores are operating in an efficient and profitable way.

One of the most cost-effective methods of giving your store a boost is to concentrate on your retail staff training. Ensuring your team are confident when approaching your customers, and that they have the skills to capitalise on every sales interaction can result in dramatic changes to your profitability.

We need to ensure we're getting the basics right before we try to get fancy with our customer experience.

Yes, we live in a tech-driven world, and it's important to keep up. But, we mustn't let the fear-of-missing-out cloud our vision and distract us from what's really important... our customers.

So, what are some of the key benefits of sales training?

Imagine if each of your staff were able to sell an extra 3 items each on average per shift. What sort of difference would that make to your bottom line? Given the correct training, salespeople should be able to understand what makes a complete solution for a customer, satisfy their needs and, therefore, increase their ‘basket size’ or ‘items per sale’.  

The right training strategy will help you increase sales. It will give your team the confidence to approach customers and provide them with a warm and personable interaction that encourages those customers to return to your store and that staff member, increasing customer loyalty and personal trade.

Expect your staff to be happier and more excited about getting on the floor, as they feel like they are providing value to your store and company. They'll find personal satisfaction in their ability to solve problems and create value. They’ll be far less likely to leave your company too!

So, don’t bury your head in the sand and wait for the economy to rescue you. Get motivated!

I once had a sports coach who would constantly drum into our team, “Get the basics right, and the rest will follow.” Perhaps that’s a lesson we can apply to business? Concentrate on the key elements of the sales process: relationship building, creating a total solution for every customer and adding value to each interaction.

Your team are your greatest asset and the pivotal point between your customers and your brand. Give them the skills they need to succeed and everyone reaps the benefits.

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