A RedSeed top tip: Take-it-Close

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So the customer loves the product you have recommended but how do you move from demonstrating the product and explaining the FAB’s to closing the sale and getting them to the counter?

The technique we’ll cover below is called the ‘Take-it Close’. It’s a fundamental sales technique in our RedSeed Retail Sales course. Below we give you a brief overview of how to finalise that sale.

In previous blog posts we have talked about using open-ended questions to determine why the client has come into your store and how you can recommend them the perfect solution using FAB’s (Features, Advantages and Benefits). Now it’s all about asking the client whether they want to take the solution you’ve shown them today.  This can be where salespeople often back down as they may feel they’re being rejected. Interestingly, 20% of the time the customer says 'I'll take it!” on their own, 20% of the time the salesperson asks for the sale and 60% of the time neither the salesperson or the customer attempts to close the sale!

The key to the Take-it-Close is all about asking the customer in the right tone so as not to come across aggressive or pushy and maintain that trust you've built with the customer through the previous stages.

We recommend saying something like “so how do you feel about these options I've shown you today? Would you like to take it today?”. Getting the client to verbalise how they feel about the solution you’ve provided can give you a strong indication of how they’re feeling about the product and if they’re satisfied enough to take it.

What if the client does not want to take the solution you have offered them? Stay tuned because in our next blog we will cover ‘How to Handle Objections’.

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