Cement the sale with a reluctant customer

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Customers often use lines like, “I’ll come back another time” or “Great, thanks for your help. I’m going to have a think about it.”

It's inevitable that throughout your retail career you will encounter customers who just won’t buy. There’s a plethora of reasons why.

Perhaps they don't have enough information on the product/service you're offering. Maybe they are unsure whether they can afford it. Or they could just need some time to think. Sure they may come back at another time that suits them but it’s important not to assume these customers will leave your store empty-handed and buy in a competitors store instead.

Understand that customers have a choice about where they shop. It’s not always your stores' product or price that draws them in or keeps them away. It's the in-store service. You have the biggest influence on a customer’s willingness to buy.

With that, you’re also the biggest reason that customers may not buy and will never buy from you again. Let’s say that a customer you’ve spent time with does not buy. What do you do next?

Here are Top 3 must-do’s to cement that sale from our retail sales courses on Closing the sale!

Ask more questions

You may need to ask more questions, in the beginning, to fully understand what your customer needs. Ensure your solution is fully suited to their needs. As the saying goes, customers don't buy products - they buy a solution to a problem. You need to find out what that problem is. And solve it. Asking smart, open questions (and listening) is the first way to get on track to a sale.

Build trust

No customer wants to feel as though you are going to ‘sell them and forget them’. To overcome this, you need to build trust. Be genuine in your interaction with them and show empathy.

Show them that you’re there to help find the right solution to their problem - not sell them any old product. Ensure they trust your recommendations and expertise. Demonstrating using FABs can be a great way to show you've listened.

Reflect & learn

It’s important to take time to reflect on what might have gone wrong and how you could have turned that possible lost sale or negative interaction into a positive buying experience, the next time.

To be able to reflect and learn from customer experiences that don’t turn into sales, is imperative to your development as a salesperson or manager. Having a positive, learning-focused growth mindset is something that will allow you to be the best you can be.

We’ll finish on this. You have the power to make an average shopping experience into something outstanding. That’s great for your store, and for your company, but it’s also a fantastic reflection on you and your personal brand. It shows that you’re a professional who’s committed and passionate about what you do.

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