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Last month we conducted our 2016 User Survey, this is part of our own commitment to deliver a solution that truly meets the needs of the retail industry.

Amid a very encouraging Net Promoter Score, we also gained some great insight into training trends and exactly what features users are looking for in a complete training solution.

Shorter training modules

Thirty eight percent of trainees said they’d prefer training to be delivered in shorter modules, with video content that’s current (and well acted).

Research from all types of film industry experts points towards consumers favouring shorter videos. Whether it be for advertising, or for product demonstrations, users are becoming increasingly accustomed to shorter-format videos which has been attributed to the rise in popularity of social apps like; Snapchat, Vine and even Instagram with it’s latest update. From our research, video-based training is no exception.

As some of you may already know, we’ve been working hard in the background to give our sales training course some much needed love. And, from the feedback we’ve had we think it will deliver what our users want.

  • We’ve cut a lot of unnecessary footage and kept videos just to the key information.
  • We’ve streamlined the course by removing some of the unnecessary repetition
  • We’ve broken the course down into three smaller courses catering to different skill levels, so you can decide when your team are ready to progress

And, most importantly, we’ve breathed some fresh air into the course by re-filming and updating all of the videos

More training

Over 11,000 RedSeed trainees want more. They want more training modules, they want more practical exercises to complete with their coaches…they want more RedSeed!

The great news is, we’re a business that’s constantly on the grow. When we first started, our only course was retail sales training. Now, our core offering has expanded to include a full scope of training required for a large retailer;

And, if you missed it, earlier this year we also launched a Health and Safety training course in New Zealand to meet the training requirements of retailers since new legislation came into effect April 4th.

Because we love making things bigger and better for our users, you can bet that, if our users want more, we’ll give them more.

Video with closed captions

We got really excited when we saw that fifteen percent of trainees wanted closed captions, because it’s actually a feature we’ve had available since 2013!

Interestingly, the main reason for wanting closed captions on training videos had less to do with users who have English as a second language, or users who are hearing impaired, which is what we would have expected.

The main reason trainees wanted closed captions was because quite often the machines they train on during work-hours has low quality volume, or the environment itself is too noisy.

But, perhaps some of this can also be attributed to the auto-play feature launched by Facebook in 2014. Since it’s launch, content creators have been finding ways to make video content more engaging without sound.

Learning pathways

Retailers are also looking for a learning pathway, rather than a one-off training event. They’re eager to train and would like it to be on-going.

This ties in with the twenty two percent of trainees who want more training, with thirteen percent of trainees wanting a clear learning pathway with opportunities for refresher courses. So, they’re wanting to learn new skills, and keep them up to date by being directed back to key sections of the training over longer periods of time.

We’ve already started a bit of work on this project with our automated learning pathways.

New question types

Out of this survey also came some great suggestions from our trainees about different question types they’d like to see in their training.

We’ll keep these secret for now, but we’ve added them to the mix of ideas that our awesome development team have to pull from – you never know when the next surprise update might be!

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