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The two levels in our B2B course are guaranteed to help your team fill their sales funnel and close more deals

80% of the average salesperson’s day is spent on non-revenue generating activities, including not knowing where to find good prospects or recognising them once they find them. With our sales training courses, we focus on ‘what good looks like’ to give your teams the best chance to learn the right techniques to improve their sales figures.

Empower your B2B sales team. Give them the tools and the knowledge to enhance their selling power. Our specifically designed B2B sales training courses come in beginner & advanced levels:

Get Going

The brain is like the rest of our body, it needs regular workouts to remain in good shape. Its the old rule of “use it or lose it.” Continuing to learn makes you better, it makes you more interesting and apparently it keeps you young!

Your team may have been selling for years, or they might be brand new. Either way, we can add to their knowledge and build confidence so that your customers see your team as experts in their field.

Each session covers a step in the B2B sales process. We’ll introduce your team to each concept and give them the theory behind it. Then our actors will demonstrate each technique to show ‘what good looks like’.

Crank It Up

Learning is also about fulfilling your potential and being everything that you can be. With more knowledge and more skills you have increased potential for productivity.

Top performers, be it in sport, business or music all have learning in common. They put in a lot of time and energy to become the best in their field. Performance is about learning and practice and having the motivation to get results. For your B2B superstars, we’ve created the advanced level.

No matter what skill level your team is at, our course will solidify current best practice and teach new skills.

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Course highlights:

  • Getting the Appointment
  • Researching Your Customer
  • Targeting the Right Person
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Proven Closing Techniques
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