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Retail Coach Training

Harnessing the power of your retail manager as a coach is the greatest opportunity to increase the performance of your team.

Coaching a team to success and high performance is something few people truly master. Leaders are often promoted into their roles without any training to help them manage their team’s performance.
A great coach understands the power of getting alongside their team, and developing their skills. Through the right mindset, good observation, and appropriate feedback using the right technique you will see positive change in team culture and sales KPIs.
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Harnesses the power of your managers as coaches.

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Video based

Video is at the heart of the RedSeed blended learning solution.

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All devices

Viewing on computer, tablet or phone — RedSeed will shine.


Who’s it for?

  • Store Managers
  • Area / Regional Managers
  • Anyone who has a team and is responsible for coaching them.


Topics covered

  • What is coaching?
  • What are the benefits of coaching?
  • The coaching mindset.
  • How to observe effectively.
  • Giving great feedback.
  • Coaching techniques.
  • The GROW coaching model explained.
  • Supporting progress and development.


Learning outcomes

After completing this course, your managers will be able to demonstrate the following behaviours with confidence;

  • Approach coaching with a positive mindset and see it as an opportunity to develop the skills of their team.
  • Consciously move from doing to delegating, to free up their time and to empower their team.
  • Understand what they’re looking for when observing their team and what benchmarks to work to.
  • Be able to give constructive feedback that changes the behaviour of their team members.
  • Use the appropriate coaching technique, depending on the person and the situation.
  • Use GROW on the floor and also in a more formal situation.
  • Support their team to try new things and gain confidence.
  • To overcome defensive behaviour.
  • Observe, coach and give feedback continuously so it becomes embedded into the way they work.


Optional extras

Add 11 customised videos in-store to demonstrate the coaching techniques in-situ. Scripted in partnership with key stakeholders and filmed in your environment, using your people. Customised video shows your best practice and increases engagement and uptake of the right behaviours.

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from $449p/m (36-month term)

Custom LMS & Dashboard
Document Library
Host Your Content (xAPI/Tin Can)
Reporting & Tracking Dashboard
Customised Modules with Quizzes & Long Answer Questions
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Dedicated Support Team
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Unlimited Storage
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Coaching Reminders via email
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11 Customised Coaching Videos
Custom LMS & Dashboard
Document Library
Host Your Content (xAPI/Tin Can)
Reporting & Tracking Dashboard
Customised Modules with Quizzes & Long Answer Questions
Self Enrol Option
Dedicated Support Team
3rd Party Integrations* some consultancy required
Unlimited Storage
Deployment & Launch
Learning Pathways
Coaching Reminders via email
User Load & Set-Up

Retail Coaching

Sales coaching provides the necessary skills to improve the performance of your team. At RedSeed, we help team leaders develop the right attributes to coach their teams toward better productivity and increased sales through our online retail coaching courses.

What is sales coaching?

Sales coaching is a way that retail workers can maximise their sales teams’ performance, define goals, and generate more revenue. 

Through ongoing sales training and coaching, retail professionals can improve their coaching ability to better lead teams and peers and to help their company grow more rapidly. Sales coaching can be a great mode of training for retail store managers, or for anyone in the retail industry who would like to advance in their personal growth and sales performance. 

It’s widely known that sales teams or managers who are better educated in sales and retail coaching achieve higher results and consistently perform greater at their job. 

Sales coaching, like any other form of coaching, requires one-on-one mentoring using results-driven training methods. Anyone wanting the opportunity to increase their team’s performance can use the coach-led framework delivered through the RedSeed LMS for the most effective sales coaching.

Why is sales coaching important?

In an industry like retail, sales training without coaching as a complementary training tool means your company isn’t maximising each interaction, and that your sales teams lack the skills needed to keep your brand competitive.

Sales coaching empowers leaders to both improve their selling skills as well as improve the sales performance of their staff. With regular sales coaching training, sales teams can continuously improve their performance through regular feedback and practice. Companies who invest in sales coaching will also see higher win rates and the necessary skills needed to maintain customer and brand loyalty. 

There is no denying the importance of a team with extensive sales experience. With sales coaching, you can expect to build your skills over the course of the training program and be able to address the common demands of any retail business. 

How do you train a team in sales coaching?

Training in professional sales coaching is easy if you choose RedSeed’s online coaching program. 

We help sales leaders achieve their goals and improve their performance by carefully curating tailored training modules to suit their needs. When you train with RedSeed, you are given a customised learning pathway that will fast-track your learning and allow you to witness results even sooner.

Our process involves sitting down with you to discuss your goals and requirements. From there you will be provided with a custom LMS  which comes with all relevant coaching material and lessons for you to access. The course library will include custom modules,  quizzes, and video examples to help show you best practice.

How long does the sales coaching program take?

Our sales coaching programs are completely accessible online, meaning the length it takes to complete your sales coaching course will depend on your individual timeline.

Online learning makes training flexible and allows individuals the chance to go at their own pace. Once you have your course on your LMS, you are able to access the modules anytime, anywhere – even after completion of the course.

What benefits should I expect to see after sales coaching?

Upskilling retail staff with individual sales coaching should be a priority for all teams, even if your store or company is performing well. Ongoing sales or retail coaching brings many benefits – not just increased revenue. For one, coaching keeps managers motivated and more eager to improve their skills as well as the skills and knowledge of their team members. This always results in better communication skills between team members as well as client relations. Sales coaching also improves other crucial work-related areas such as time management skills, overcoming challenges, and increased productivity. Sales coaching shakes up an otherwise stable working environment, injecting a new positive outlook into the workforce and encouraging a collaborative workplace. Other benefits of training in sales coaching include:

  • Improved conversion rates
  • Improved sales confidence
  • Attracting more customers
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Improved understanding of products and services
  • Nurturing future leaders

How can sales coaching improve performance?

Sales coaching provides a framework that helps those in sales to build the crucial skill-set needed to perform more effectively.

Because of our micro-sized lessons, each module visited can then become part of your team’s daily routine upon completion. This means that instead of having your team crammed with information, you can more rely on long-term memory and step-by-step processes that can be implemented right away. 

Upon completion of each module, sales staff should be able to reevaluate and adjust their working habits to match each session practiced. This ensures the real-time implementation of these new practices and a better chance of seeing results much faster.

What are some examples of sales coaching?

For a better view of what sales coaching consists of, here are a few examples:

  • Reviewing a phone call with a sales rep and evaluating what went well and where to improve. This also gives an added opportunity to work on getting better at cold calling and chasing leads.
  • Scheduling weekly check-ins with the team to discuss goals and achievements. This also provides an opportunity to bring the discussion to the table and encourage creativity and thought-driven solutions. 
  • Shadowing meetings or phone calls to assess the rep’s capability to communicate with prospects on the spot.
  • Following up on one-on-one sessions and asking the rep how they’re progressing and if they’re in need of further assistance.
  • Discussions and role-play of real examples of a dialogue between the customer and the salesperson.

Each company’s sales process is different, but this provides a small example of the scenarios where you can apply your sales coaching.

Who is the retail coaching course for?

The RedSeed Retail Coach Training Course is specifically designed around training people on how to coach their sales/retail teams. It isn’t strictly for store managers or any other aspect of management. Sales coaching is open to anyone who has a team or is part of a team and is responsible for coaching them toward greater success.

Through the online LMS, all team members can access training modules from wherever they are. The RedSeed platform is fully responsive, meaning that if you decide to coach then you can mark it on the system so that everyone receives a notification on whatever device they are using. 

For more information about the RedSeed learning system, read our About Us page.

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