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Retail Sales Programmes

We cover everything from beginner sales to intermediate and advanced techniques. Each programme is designed to build your teams sales skill, and confidence in dealing with customers.

Teach Your Team What Good Looks Like With Video-Based Sales Scenarios

Your trainees will get to see sales techniques clearly demonstrated step-by-step, so they can see how to use them on the shop floor.

Show Your Team How to Sell Your Products in Your Stores

Show Your Team How to Sell Your Products in Your Stores

Our production team can easily customise any of our programmes by filming training scenarios with your people, in your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the tangible sales performance increase, providing retail courses online for your employee helps them to become a specialist in their field. A well-designed online programme of learning also helps your team feel valued and, as evidence has shown, helps boost staff retention, decreasing your staff turnover.

We know that retail is a busy, fast-paced environment to work in which is why we’ve built each of these programmes to be easily completed in small, bite-sized chunks. Each course should only take about 20 minutes to complete and it usually takes a person between eight and 12 weeks to complete a full programme.

Our team of learning experts will help you create scripts which capture the essence of your business and they types of interactions your team have your customers. Once that’s signed off, our in-house film and production team will film each scenario in-store with your own people. Once they’re filmed, we’ll use these examples throughout your the programme to give you training that looks, feels and sounds like your company!