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Customer Service Training

Setting expectations and showing your 
team how to give your customers an outstanding experience must be your top priority!

The experience that your customers have with your team can be the difference between them purchasing with you or your competitor.
No business can afford to be pushing their customers away!
Understanding a customer’s expectations and also what upsets customers can provide valuable insight for your team and give them the motivation to lift their game and set you apart for all the right reasons!

RedSeed’s Online Customer Service Training Course With Certification

No matter how meticulously you’ve crafted your business plan or how much money you’ve invested in your company, your team is only as good as the customer service training you provide. In today’s highly competitive consumer-led market, you need to manage every moment of your customer’s experience. Excellent service builds trust and sparks a personal connection that increases sales and encourages loyalty in your brand.

By working through RedSeed’s online customer service training modules, you can take employee productivity to the next level. You can also save money by providing training at scale through our blended-learning platform.

Why Is Customer Interaction Training Important?

Customer interaction training is the most important gift you can give to your retail or customer-facing staff. Each person you employ who does a job on the shop floor is a direct representative of your brand. Customer service training ensures that every single person who comes through the door gets a high standard of care.

When your team is confident and helpful, they drive sales by making recommendations and engaging customers in your brand.

How Do You Teach a Customer Service Skills Course?

With RedSeed, your team does the majority of its customer service classes online. Our platform is a hub, and each team member gets a log-in. You can track their progress as they work through the modules. If you like, you can harness your managers’ leadership skills to administer practical lessons and oversee tests. You can conduct training remotely without the need for a physical training location.

Can a Customer Service Representative Course Boost Productivity?

Absolutely. After your team takes part in our customer relations training course, not only will they be empowered by their new-found knowledge, but their perception of you as an employer improves. When a workforce feels looked-after by its employer, it translates directly into productivity.

Additionally, when they’re able to identify customer’s needs and take a confident approach to solve problems, they’ll convert leads without even realizing it. When your team has a clear understanding of what’s expected of them and how to deliver it, you’ll be amazed by their productivity.

Why Does My Staff Need Customer Service Skills Training?

The best online customer service training courses take into account how important it is to preempt the client’s needs. When staff members take cues from the customer and respond proactively, buyers feel comfortable and relaxed in the knowledge that the people working here know what they’re doing.

Additionally, when customers have a great time in a shop, they’re likely to tell their friends about the impressive retail experience. On the other side of that token, if the staff seem to be disengaged individuals rather than a positive, cohesive team, customers are more likely to share their unfortunate experience with friends and family.

A customer service course makes sure everyone is reading from the same page for a consistently remarkable customer journey.

How Long Does Training for Customer Service Staff Take?

There are approximately two hours of video content that your team will gradually work through, at whatever pace you set. They’ll watch informational videos and role-play scenarios, with interactive quizzes and reminders at the end of each module. If you choose to make videos in your workplace, this is an opportunity for your superstars to shine.

Once you have a customer success manager assigned to your account, they’ll help you make a plan that suits your workforce.

Which Skills Will My Team Come Away With?

Your team will come out with an array of new skills in their tool belts. Just some of the ways they’ll exceed customer’s expectations include:

  • Knowing what it means to take the customer on a journey, where every detail is geared toward making a sale.
  • Fully understanding customer expectations and what makes them so important.
  • Understanding that positive attitudes don’t always come naturally — sometimes, it’s up to them to bring out the best in people. When the workforce takes a positive approach to their job, the entire environment is transformed, and customers can feel it.
  • The essential greeting and farewell. Never underestimate the power of following proper social convention and saying hello and goodbye to people who enter the store.
  • Responding to subtle customer signals, so the team never misses a sale.
  • Communication skills that reflect your brand’s values.
  • The ability to understand what customers don’t like and tactics for helping unhappy customers.
  • Correct phone etiquette.

Maximizing sales using customer service techniques.

Do You Adapt Your Customer Service Training Courses for My Company's Needs?

At RedSeed, we know that each brand has vastly different needs. As such, we make sure we meet you and get a clear understanding of what your organization is all about. We continue working closely with you as we develop customer service skills online training for your team.

If you choose our customizable package, you can make your own video using people from your company. Watching teammates conduct training can have an extraordinary impact on engagement.

Does the Course Cover Difficult Customer Training?

All the best customer service training courses go into detail about how to approach a complaint. Learning how to diffuse a confrontational situation is possible for everyone, but it isn’t an instinct. Most people fight fire with fire, and in a retail environment, that could be catastrophic.

People who complain can turn into loyal, long-term customers if they’re handled appropriately. As such, the handling of complaints is one of the most important areas for growth through excellent customer service. Our customer service course takes you through a range of scenarios and provides advice on best-practices regarding unhappy customers.

What Results Will I See Upon Completion of the Course?

You see instant results upon completion of the course. Your employees will be more engaged with your brand, have a more profound respect for your management team and know how to delight customers. You’ll have a cohesive, problem-solving machine instead of a shop floor of individuals.

And all of this is delivered in a format that today’s workforce finds engaging and convenient, with the ability to access content from a smartphone while on the go.

Who Can Benefit From Customer Care Training?

Everyone. Even a veteran customer service expert can keep learning new ways to surprise and satisfy customers. Service is constantly changing, as consumer trends change and people prioritize different aspects of their buying experience. As such, we’d recommend providing regular opportunities for your staff to update their knowledge.

If you’re ready to inspire your team to become customer service experts, get in touch with RedSeed today and book a free coffee date with us.

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Harnesses the power of your managers as coaches.

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Video based

Video is at the heart of the RedSeed blended learning solution.

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All devices

Viewing on computer, tablet or phone — RedSeed will shine.


Who’s it for?

  • Retail and customer service teams.
  • Anyone who has a face-to-face interaction with your customers.


Topics covered

  • Why is customer service important?
  • Customer expectations and journey.
  • Choosing a positive attitude.
  • Greeting customers.
  • Responding to buying signals from customers.
  • Helping customers find what they’re looking for.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Being professional.
  • Understanding what upsets customers.
  • Resolving complaints.
  • Phone etiquette.
  • Processing sales.
  • Farewelling customers.


Learning outcomes

After completing this course, your team will be able to demonstrate the following behaviours with confidence;

  • Greet all customers appropriately when they enter the store.
  • Make themselves available to customers by staying visible and looking for signals that customers need help.
  • Uses good communication skills to make sure the customer’s experience is positive.
  • Brings their ‘A’ game to work and is positive, enthusiastic and friendly with customers.
  • Understands what upsets customers and avoids these behaviours.
  • Is able to resolve issues for customers calmly, and to their satisfaction.
  • Is polite and professional on the phone and can juggle customers instore with those on the phone.
  • Is efficient in processing sales and understands what the appropriate level of chit-chat is while they are serving the customer.
  • Farewells the customer and encourages them to return to the store.


Optional extras

Add 10 customised videos to demonstrate the customer service techniques in-situ. Scripted in partnership with key stakeholders and filmed in your environment, using your people.

STANDARD (based on 250 users)

from $1,760p/m (36-month term)

Custom LMS & Dashboard
Document Library
Host Your Content (xAPI/Tin Can)
Data Migration
Reporting & Tracking Dashboard
Self Enrol Option
Dedicated Support Team
3rd Party Integrations* some consultancy required
Unlimited Storage
Behaviour Changing Coaching Loop
Deployment & Launch
Implementation Course
Learning Pathways
Custom Certificates
Training Reminders via email
User Load & Set-Up
Customisable Quizzes
CUSTOMISABLE (based on 250 users)

from $2,400p/m (36-month term)

Custom LMS & Dashboard
Document Library
Host Your Content (xAPI/Tin Can)
Data Migration
Reporting & Tracking
Self Enrol Option
Dedicated Support Team
3rd Party Integrations* some consultancy required
Unlimited Storage
Behaviour Changing Coaching Loop
Deployment & Launch
Implementation Course
Learning Pathways
Custom Certificates
Training Reminders via email
User Load & Set-Up
Script Writing, Filming, Customisable Quizzes, Editing
12 Customised Customer Service Videos

    KELLY HOPKINSLearning and Development Manager, Kathmandu
    Not only have we seen significant monetary savings but we now spend far less time following up system errors or bugs.
    ANNE POLLARDHead of Learning and Development, 2degrees
    “It has had a really positive impact. We’ve been able to show a direct correlation between RedSeed completion and increased sales.”
    KELLY HOPKINSLearning and Development Manager, Kathmandu
    “The RedSeed developers were quick to respond to any questions throughout the process and always kept us up to date. It was a smooth as it could have been. We even had our IT team come to us at the end of the transition to comment on how seamless the RedSeed LMS transition was.”
    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “Not only did we find that increases in RedSeed Energy mapped to improvements in Mystery Shopper results, we also found the opposite to be true. Stores that saw a drop in Energy also saw a large drop in Mystery Shopping results”
    MATT ROBERTSGeneral Manager, Hunter Furniture Group
    “With what we’ve developed with RedSeed our staff are really enjoying the interaction — it’s suited to our business, it’s relevant, it’s clearly tailored and they look forward to the new modules coming out and working their way through it.”  
    KELLY HOPKINSLearning and Development Manager, Kathmandu
    "Having the ability to have RedSeed create training for us, based on our CLIMB model was really attractive. All these things came together with the LMS and RedSeed was more like the catalyst for us changing our previous training approach. It was like "yes please, solve all my problems!"