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In late 2019, a new virus—since named COVID-19—emerged in Wuhan, China; the virus has now spread worldwide and is making headlines across the globe.

The virus that causes COVID-19 has undergone genetic changes over time, leading to new variants. One of these new variants, the Delta variant, is now the dominant form of this virus worldwide. Because it’s highly transmissible, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself from becoming unwell and stop the virus from spreading. This course is for everyone who wants to protect, prevent and prepare against COVID-19 and the Delta variant.

Author RedSeed

Onboarding is defined as the period between your new team member accepting a position and the end of their induction into your organisation. It can take up a lot of your time, but it’s really important if you want them to be successful. 

Unfortunately, what is common is that many businesses support their new team members on their first few days or week and then they’re on their own.

This is a real shame as they will still be learning processes and procedures, building relationships and developing their skills, so you need to be supporting them well if you want them to stay and be successful!

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • describe the process of onboarding, including pre-boarding, induction, orientation and training
  • develop an effective onboarding process for new team members, and
  • complete a successful onboarding process with a new team member.
Author RedSeed

Do you have work or personal goals? And if you do, have you written them down? 

Or, do you just turn up to work each day and do your job without thinking too much about your future and where you want to be in the long term?

Setting goals is a great way to plan your future and motivate yourself to turn your plans into your reality. Having goals can help you focus your efforts and start using your time more productively.

This short course will provide you with some guidance, techniques and resources to help you plan your big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs). It includes:

  • The value of goal setting
  • Choosing your goals
  • SMART goals
  • Writing SMART goals
  • Benefits of SMART goals
Author RedSeed

This course is all about getting comfortable wearing a mask and communicating with your colleagues and customers.

Wearing a mask has become our new norm and yet it comes with its own challenges. If you are working in a position where you are interacting with the public and asking them to wear a mask and sign in, you might also experience some anxiety about their reactions. This course will give you some good ideas about how to deal with those types of situations and how to communicate better with your colleagues and your customers.

This course is for everyone who needs to communicate while wearing a mask, encourage people to sign in, or deal with resistant customers.

Author RedSeed

Difficult conversations are a normal part of life. The best way to handle a difficult issue is to actually deal with it. When handled well, these conversations provide an opportunity to resolve workplace conflicts quickly and efficiently, lift performance and engagement and improve relationships within your team.

Many people avoid difficult conversations in the workplace because it makes them feel uncomfortable. 

This course will give you some techniques and guidance so that you can have a positive approach and use the right words when you need to have difficult conversations at work. It includes:

  • Having difficult conversations – an introduction
  • Thinking about your frame of reference
  • A positive approach
  • What’s your purpose?
  • Techniques to help you be successful
  • Choosing the right words
  • The importance of being flexible
Author RedSeed

The traditional approach to performance reviews is recognised as being outdated and provides little benefit for you, your team members or your business. Instead, when you adopt a performance management approach by using your coaching skills and engaging in regular, informal feedback conversations with your team members about their performance and development, you will find the experience for everyone will be more enjoyable and beneficial.

This course focuses on performance management and how it differs from traditional performance review methods.

Author RedSeed

You are vital to the success of change! Your business needs you to recognise the need for development and be willing and able to navigate yourself and your team through change. This means you need to be comfortable embracing change and taking risks.

Change can be unsettling for your team and it’s not uncommon to see resistance and challenging behaviour. However, there are some actions that you can take to ensure any change that occurs within your organisation has a greater chance of success.

This course focuses on what you need to know in your role as a leader. You’ll be introduced to the ADKAR model, proven to help individuals understand and accept change, which leads to innovation and efficiencies in business.

Author RedSeed

Difficult conversations are rarely easy but when you have the right skills, a framework to follow and plenty of practice they do become less daunting. They are a part of managing people and when you get comfortable they can be some of the most powerful conversations you will have.

This course will help you to recognise the importance of planning and establishing positive intent so that your conversations achieve your desired outcome. You’ll also learn some specific techniques you can use and get some guidance around the right words to use to lead these conversations.

Author RedSeed

Studies show that less than 30% of employees receive regular performance feedback. Yet, approximately 70% say they would work harder if they knew their efforts were being recognised.

When you provide consistent, actionable feedback, your team can gain better insight into their successes and understand opportunities for improvement. Positive feedback is essential because it increases morale, encourages good work and helps provide a sense of purpose. 

This course will equip you with the skills you need to consistently deliver effective and meaningful feedback to your team members so that they determine what they should continue to do and what improvements they can make in the future. When you couple this with coaching then you can provide guidance about how to improve, to grow and lift performance.

Author RedSeed

Anyone can adopt a coaching style and, as a leader, it’s one of the most fundamental things you can do to encourage personal and professional growth in your team.

It’s the process of working in a partnership with individuals on your team, supporting them to solve their own problems and improve their own performance.

When you do this well you will have a team of people with increased self-confidence and improved work performance, interpersonal relationships and communication skills.

This course will help you identify the fundamental skills you need to develop and lead with a coaching style.