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Upskill Your Team Fast With Micro-Learning

Upskill Your Team Fast With Micro-Learning

All courses are designed to be fast and easy to complete, with each course being no-longer than 15 minutes to complete!

Delivering Product Knowledge courses online also means that you can get your product information to market much faster meaning your front-line team have all the information they need to confidently sell new products as they’re released.

Video-Based Training

Video-Based Training

All of our courses use the power of video to create engaging online courses that improve comprehension and course completion rates.
From these videos your trainees will learn the concepts and theory, then they’ll view the techniques being clearly demonstrated step-by-step, so they can see how to use each technique in a real-world situation.

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Learn How this Beauty Brand Grew Training Reach by Switching to RedSeed

Product knowledge is the perfect way to supplement your team’s sales training and further enhance your customer experience when it’s built to include sales techniques alongside features and benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A learning management software (LMS) platform helps to keep all training courses and relevant industry information all in one location. One of the most significant benefits of training software for those within the health & beauty industries is that everything is done entirely online. That means those who work in the industry or who own, manage, or run a beauty business can conveniently keep their training up to date by taking their courses online via an LMS platform.

A product knowledge training program creates an end-to-end training program for staff in marketing and sales.
As a skill, product knowledge allows employees to confidently communicate with customers about the products you sell. Having in-depth product knowledge makes it easier for staff to highlight its benefits, uses, and features to the customer.
When an employee is able to fully understand the features, advantages and benefits of a product, they’re able to recommend the right product for the right customer, which helps to increase conversion rates and sales figures!

Wide product ranges and treatments within the health & beauty industries mean that employees must continually train to stay on top of industry advancements.
Even staff who are working in customer-facing roles such as the front desk need to have a good understanding of the services their business offers.
For staff in these industries, training must also be implemented when it comes to health and hygiene. This long list of learning and development demands means that businesses must invest in a lot of money to keep their staff trained and customer-ready.