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Access a Growing Library of Content

Access a Growing Library of Content

If you need to get your training started right now, we’ve got a library of courses ready and waiting for you. Our off-the shelf range of courses cover sales, service, soft skills, leadership, employee wellbeing, and compliance. Pick as many of these courses as you need to get your staff up to speed and cross training off your to-do list.

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Flexible and Efficient Training

Flexible and Efficient Training

The online dashboard can give all staff access to hospitality industry programmes so they can complete their training when and where it suits them. Our courses cover different levels of skill so whether you need beginner, intermediate or advanced level training, we’ve got you covered. With our LMS your staff will quickly transition from behind the scenes training to front-of-house entertaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need?

We’ve probably got it covered. Let us help you to put together and maintain an awesome team. We’ve got training on recruitment, and tracking staff training progress and performance. Once you’ve got your team together, you can use our training to help them to maintain a focus on customer relations and customer care. We’ll teach your staff how to best communicate with your guests be it booking a room, ordering food or handling complaints. We can get down to the nitty-gritty too; we offer training on compliance and industry standards.

Need something more?

Give us a call and we’ll create a training system for you.The RedSeed LMS makes it easier for managers to train new and existing employees and helps to build a company’s human resource department so that they no longer have to rely on expensive outsourcing.

You bet!

We’ll create a training system that’ll work for you and your team. You want your managers and supervisors to be trained on logistical skills that are specific to your business?

No problem. You and your staff can even be the stars of your training videos!

Our team can film specific scenarios at your place. We’ll even incorporate your logo and your colours into the training material. Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen. We’ll work with you to create the training that will help your staff to ensure your clients and guests have a great experience.

This depends on what courses you choose. Generally our courses have been designed so that your staff will spend around 15 minutes on training per course, then they’ll be ready to go out and delight your clients.