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Scalable Distributor Training

Scalable Distributor Training

If you’re in the business of supplying products, ensuring that you’ve got the right tools to upskill your distribution channels is vital for sales growth. With RedSeed you can develop and deliver bespoke product training with ease.

Access a Growing Library of Content

Access a Growing Library of Content

With the RedSeed LMS you have freedom to upload your own company-specific training or use our growing library of courses to ensure you’re training your team in what matters most to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing to complete a recruiting course online gives you so much flexibility! HR managers and hiring personnel can benefit from online training for a number of reasons. Mainly, online training provides increased mobility so that trainees can get on with their jobs and not lose time or money to traditional in-class training programs. Online training for recruitment specialists means information can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
The RedSeed LMS makes it easier for managers to train new and existing employees and helps to build a company’s human resource department so that they no longer have to rely on expensive outsourcing.

For companies investing in development training courses, results are always profound. Corporate training benefits companies and their staff by:
– Providing flexibility to work and train
– Delivering professional courses implemented by expert coaches
– Increasing worker retention, satisfaction, motivation, and productivity
– Reducing expensive HR costs such as reducing training overheads and Improving speed-to-competency
– Improving employee morale

When a sales team receives consistent product knowledge training, they perform better in all aspects of the customer service experience. By being trained in product knowledge, your team will have more confidence in discussing the product in detail and have the ability to respond to any questions or queries in real-time.