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Retail Recruitment Training

There’s no secret to hiring great people. It’s about good process and understanding your culture and needs.

Learning how to best prepare, and then conduct an effective interview is an essential skill in building a winning team. Understanding what skills you will be able to teach your new hire, and what characteristics and traits they need to bring with them, will help you make a good decision when selecting a candidate.
Making a good job of on-boarding new team members will set them up for success and allow you to build a top performing team.
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Harnesses the power of your managers as coaches.

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Video based

Video is at the heart of the RedSeed blended learning solution.

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All devices

Viewing on computer, tablet or phone — RedSeed will shine.


Who’s it for?

  • Store Managers.
  • Area and Regional Managers.
  • Anyone recruiting currently, or wanting to develop their recruitment skills for the future.


Topics covered

  • Company expectations.
  • Planning, including; identifying the gap, advertising, understanding the process.
  • Hiring mistakes.
  • How to evaluate a candidate.
  • Personality traits.
  • Interviewing skills.
  • Recruitment legislation.
  • Conducting an interview.
  • Evaluating candidates, including; reference checking and dealing with unsuccessful candidates.
  • On-boarding and candidate care.


Learning outcomes

After completing this course, your managers will be able to demonstrate the following behaviours with confidence;

  • How to identify the skills required for vacant roles.
  • An understanding of the interview process and the legal requirements.
  • Conduct an interview using behavioural-based questions.
  • Be able to interpret candidate responses and dig deeper when necessary.
  • Show a fair and objective process when evaluating candidates.
  • Phone unsuccessful candidates while maintaining a good company brand image.
  • Onboard employees and set them up for success.
  • Over time, develop a team of passionate people who embody your brand personality and promise.


Optional extras

Add 8 customised videos in-store to demonstrate your own unique recruiting processes. Scripted in partnership with key stakeholders and filmed in your environment, using your people. Customised video shows your best practice and increases engagement and uptake of the right behaviours.

STANDARD (based on 25 users)

from $449p/m (36-month term)

Custom LMS & Dashboard
Document Library
Host Your Content (xAPI/Tin Can)
Reporting & Tracking Dashboard
Customised Modules with Quizzes & Long Answer Questions
Self Enrol Option
Dedicated Support Team
3rd Party Integrations* some consultancy required
Unlimited Storage
Deployment & Launch
Learning Pathways
Coaching Reminders via email
User Load & Set-Up
CUSTOMISED (based on 25 users)

from $887p/m (36-month term)

8 Customised Recruitment Videos
Custom LMS & Dashboard
Document Library
Host Your Content (xAPI/Tin Can)
Reporting & Tracking Dashboard
Customised Modules with Quizzes & Long Answer Questions
Self Enrol Option
Dedicated Support Team
3rd Party Integrations* some consultancy required
Unlimited Storage
Deployment & Launch
Learning Pathways
Coaching Reminders via email
User Load & Set-Up

What is retail recruitment training?

Recruiting the right staff is crucial if you want your business to prevail in the retail industry. 

Retail recruitment training is essential for non-HR managers or for recruiters who need the skills required to successfully conduct job interviews and recruit the best people for the job.

Since the retail industry is constantly changing, recruiters need to look for staff who will give their business the right edge in a competitive market. Finding the right staff hinges on your ability to recruit someone with a good knowledge of the retail industry, has appropriate experience in sales, and the right attitude! 

With online recruitment training, HR managers and staff can learn the right techniques to test potential candidates for relevant skills. The best part? It can be done completely online through the RedSeed LMS and Training Platform.

Why is retail recruitment training important?

Retail recruitment training online will help businesses reduce staff turnover and hiring costs. It will also train hiring managers to attract the right candidates from the very beginning. With online recruitment training through RedSeed, managers will learn how to understand their workplace habits better, allowing them to hire new staff that matches the culture and needs of the workplace. 

Retail recruiting includes many challenges that aren’t experienced in other sectors. For one, retail is cross-functional, with a focus on both physical and online storefronts and marketing. Potential employees must be able to not only present well in-person but virtually, too. The retail industry also focuses on high-volume hiring, seasonal hiring, and a high turnover rate. By undergoing retail recruitment training, hiring managers will be able to recruit professionals more effectively by tackling the most common problems faced in retail recruitment.

How will my business benefit from online retail recruitment training?

An effective online retail recruitment training course will equip hiring staff with the tools needed to progress a business further. Long-term growth and profitability will depend a great deal on the quality of the staff your business employs. 

Upon completion of our recruitment courses, business will expect to see the following benefits within their workplace:

  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Improved business performance 
  • Increased staff effectiveness
  • Greater brand awareness 
  • Strong sales staff
  • Better recruitment strategy

By improving the way you approach retail recruiting, you have a greater chance of hiring the most talented candidates from the talent pool. Smarter recruiting means there’s less chance of hiring the wrong person for the role.

What skills will my team come away with?

When your team trains with RedSeed, they will come away with the correct recruitment skills specifically needed for the retail industry. 

No matter the type of role, hiring managers will be able to spot the right candidate to fill it. When it comes to recruiting for retail, there is a specific process that every recruiter must adhere to if they are to make a viable and profitable choice. Our process allows trainees to identify the common hiring mistakes in retail, how to correctly evaluate a candidate and conduct interview questions successfully, and to be able to hire staff who embody your brand. 

Learning with RedSeed is simple. Our online recruitment training course is conducted through the RedSeed LMS which allows hiring managers to train anytime, anywhere.

The coach-led course gives managers the opportunity to lead their team and ensure that all store, area, and regional managers are equipped with the right framework to confidently recruit new staff.

How long does RedSeed’s online retail recruitment training course take?

The best part about completing recruitment training courses online is that they can be done at your own pace. 

With RedSeed training, you will be given a customised learning pathway, where you will get micro-learning sized sessions for flexible learning and the ability to set and manage your own training times. Whether it’s a half an hour daily, or once or twice a week, when you do our online recruitment training course you are getting a program that works to your schedule, and not the other way around.

Upon completion of the course, managers can revisit training resources at their convenience. This makes it easy to keep updated and refreshed.  

Why online training?

Choosing to complete a recruiting course online gives you so much flexibility! HR managers and hiring personnel can benefit from online training for a number of reasons. Mainly, online training provides increased mobility so that trainees can get on with their jobs and not lose time or money to traditional in-class training programs. Online training for recruitment specialists means information can be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

The RedSeed LMS makes it easier for managers to train new and existing employees and helps to build a company’s human resource department so that they no longer have to rely on expensive outsourcing.

If your team is ready to start recruiting smarter, contact us now, and let’s chat.

    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “The most exciting thing was when you walked into a store and you heard the ‘RedSeed’ language”
    YASMIN KACHWALALearning and Development Manager, 2degrees
    “RedSeed has positively impacted our sales, our NPS and our mystery shopping results.”
    PAUL GIANOTTIExecutive GM, Operations – Warehouse Stationery
    “We’ve been through eighteen consecutive quarters of same-store sales growth.”
    JAY MONZONLearning and Development Specialist, 2degrees
    “The support has been amazing and very prompt which allows our staff to continue doing what they need to do and not worry about any technical issues.”
    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “Since using RedSeed, our Mystery Shopper results are up on last years, and our items per sale have increased well over eighty per cent!”
    KELLY HOPKINSLearning and Development Manager, Kathmandu
    “RedSeed had the best product available, there is obviously a lot of online learning solutions in the market but what’s a big challenge for us and what we’ve always wanted to do was to have a solution that wasn’t simply completing something online — so we really like the RedSeed platform which involves video content, on-the-floor coaching and a real time feedback system which is really important to us.”