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Wednesday 23 June, 2014

High quality sales training has often been too expensive for SME retailers, but now with the launch of a blended online and offline qualification by two of New Zealand’s leading training providers, it has come well within their scope.

Online retail training providers, RedSeed have teamed up with ServiceIQ to deliver the ITO’s first ever online qualification in retail. The partnership has seen the providers modernise the qualification process.

“Delivering the training online makes it more affordable and accessible to retailers who want their skills formally recognised with a national qualification,” says RedSeed Managing Director, Anya Anderson.

RedSeed and ServiceIQ currently arrange industry training for some of New Zealand’s largest retailers, including the likes of The Warehouse Group, Briscoe Group and FoodStuffs South Island.

“This is great for retailers that are SMEs because the online delivery will allow them access to a training delivery method that has proven successful in these large national companies,” says Mrs Anderson.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with ServiceIQ to deliver this course. It’s something that’s been in the pipeline for a while now. So, it’s great to see all of the hard work from both ends come to fruition.”

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved ‘National Certificate in Retail’which is a level two qualification, is on track to be pilot tested with a handful of retailers over the next month. The completion of the pilot will see the full product available to any New Zealand retailer and their staff. 

“By having staff complete this programme, you can be assured they’ve been trained to a high standard and have the skills to help your business make more sales and satisfy customers,”says ServiceIQ CEO, Dean Minchington.

“What’s more, your staff will know you’re serious about them and their retail careers because they will receive a nationally recognised certificate once they’ve successfully completed the training programme.”he concludes.


Specialists in retail sales and service, RedSeed’s training blends online and offline learning together to produce powerful results.

For more information contact Anya Anderson (Managing Director):

Ph: 03 3777 936